Re-birth in BC

Just returned from four days in beautiful Penticton, BC, Canada, where I played three shows at a the Ignite the Arts! festival. It had been five years since I'd last visited Canada, due mostly to Covid, and it felt like a homecoming. British Columbia is my birth place, which is a story I'll save for another time, but, also, my last two albums were recorded in Cumberland, BC, and it was sweet to reunite with my producer-friend, Corwin Fox, who recorded and played multiple instruments on MAGIC BEANS

I'd broken a couple ribs six days before driving up there, so I was in deep pain, but the prescribed medications did their job and I was able to hold my guitar, strum, and get the words out. Big thanks to my lovely girlfriend Kirsten for joining me on this trans-national journey and helping me pack my crap around. I'm also deeply grateful to fest organizers Paul Crawford and Julie Fowler who invited us up there. Before leaving, Paul invited me to return this summer for a show at Penticton's Dream Cafe. Can't wait!

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